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US-D765803-S: Iron golf club head patent, US-D790992-S: Wrist watch patent, US-D792911-S: Impeller patent, US-D802113-S: Axial fan patent, US-PP26138-P3: Phalaenopsis orchid plant named ‘PHALCUWIM’ patent, US-RE29556-E: 1,1-Diaryl-1-oxadiazol-alkylamines patent, US-RE34414-E: Physiologically active substance P-23924, its production and use patent, US-RE39359-E: Portable muscle stimulator with pulse width control patent, US-8519375-B2: Non-volatile memory with oxygen vacancy barrier layer patent, US-8529503-B2: Medicament delivery device patent, US-8547235-B2: Security device and security system determining if the user can hear an audible alarm patent, US-8549191-B2: Method and apparatus for SATA hot unplug patent, US-8593161-B2: Contact detection apparatus and pinch prevention apparatus patent, US-8613519-B2: Reflector for wire spoke wheels patent, US-8614933-B2: Optical unit protection on a thermally-assisted magnetic recording head patent, US-8622533-B2: Inkjet recording apparatus and method for removing air bubbles in inkjet recording apparatus patent, US-8655562-B2: Method and system for setting a vehicle in motion patent, US-8667650-B1: Decorative magnetic cufflink conversion device patent, US-8680775-B2: Lighting driver circuit and light fixture patent, US-8710587-B2: Lateral double diffused metal oxide semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-8716158-B2: Method for regenerating a solid iodine filter patent, US-8723698-B2: Overlapping geographic areas patent, US-8737613-B2: Scanning methods of transform-based digital data processing that conditionally adjust scan order according to characteristics information and related apparatus thereof patent, US-8743210-B2: Blemish detection sytem and method using recursion patent, US-8746609-B2: Paper roll core including signaling device methods of using and making the same and products produced thereby patent, US-8787217-B2: Method, apparatus and computer program product for fast retransmission of proposal messages patent, US-8809637-B2: Soybean cultivar HI0912797 patent, US-8819828-B1: Systems and methods for identifying malware threat vectors patent, US-8843847-B1: System and method for native application control of HTML5 content patent, US-8854036-B2: Current detecting apparatus patent, US-8887098-B2: Computer Graphics generating apparatus, Computer Graphics generating method, and program patent, US-8927314-B2: Method of manufacturing solar cell with two exposed surfaces of arc layer disposed at different levels patent, US-8938569-B1: BMC-based communication system patent, US-8963472-B2: Integration of spindle external sense resistor into servo IC with stable resistance control circuit patent, US-8973457-B2: Gear mechanism and geared motor patent, US-8978916-B2: Multi-functional waste can patent, CN-103068612-A: 无盖式加油接头 patent, US-8984147-B1: Velocity based content delivery patent, US-8990152-B2: Systems, methods and software for entity relationship resolution patent, US-9000260-B2: ETP1 and ETP2 regulate plant ethylene response patent, US-9015834-B2: Mitigating just-in-time spraying attacks in a network environment patent, US-9054524-B2: Bi-directional bipolar junction transistor for high voltage electrostatic discharge protection patent, US-9060064-B2: System for routing interactions using bio-performance attributes of persons as dynamic input patent, US-9069877-B2: User interface with variable sized icons patent, US-9084109-B2: Method for selecting temporary core network base station and trunking communication system patent, US-9089734-B2: Apparatus, a system and a relating method for local or remote rehabilitation and functional evaluation of the hands patent, US-9094417-B2: Status transfer within a group of computing entities patent, US-9117932-B2: Semiconductor pressure sensor and fabrication method thereof patent, US-9159001-B2: Device, method, and recording medium for controlling image forming apparatus patent, US-9163783-B1: Adjustable television ceiling mounting system patent, US-9171629-B1: Storage device, memory controller and memory control method patent, US-9193354-B2: Driving support system patent, US-9223959-B2: Systems and methods for authentication based on user preferences patent, US-9234766-B2: Fuel purchase planning along a route patent, US-9237857-B2: Device for applying electrode assemblies patent, US-9279189-B2: Methods for forming defect-free anodized parts patent, US-9292656-B2: Systems and methods for improved perinatal workflow patent, US-9369936-B2: Handover technique for wireless communications enabled devices patent, US-9405713-B2: Commonality of memory island interface and structure patent, US-9409345-B1: Method and apparatus for forming vinyl window corners patent, US-9411262-B1: Developer quantity control blade having blade member composed of a thermoplastic elastomer composition and image forming apparatus patent, US-9416046-B2: Methods of laser cleaving optical fibers patent, US-9474288-B2: Automated poultry hanger patent, US-9477279-B1: Data storage system with active power management and method for monitoring and dynamical control of power sharing between devices in data storage system patent, US-9481505-B2: Aerosol sodium chloride mixture agent with trigger sprayer patent, US-9494614-B2: Method for estimating the rotational speed of a tool mounted on a rotating spindle of a machine tool and such a machine tool patent, US-9502403-B2: Method for core and in/out-put device reliability improve at high-K last process patent, US-9517905-B2: Separation conveyance device, image forming apparatus, method for controlling separation conveyance device, and computer-readable recording medium patent, US-9534141-B2: Substrates and articles of manufacture coated with a waterborne 2K coating composition patent, US-9540965-B2: Valve timing control device and method of assembly thereof patent, US-9552184-B2: Facsimile apparatus and method for printing facsimile patent, US-9570710-B2: Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same including RGB insulating layer configuration patent, US-9583835-B2: Multiband antenna and wireless communication device employing same patent, US-9632450-B2: Image forming apparatus controlling driving current for adjusting light emission intensity of light-emitting element patent, US-9632698-B2: Operation control device, operation control method and computer program patent, US-9640238-B2: Data generating device and data generating method patent, US-9658995-B2: Content sharing web page overlay system patent, US-9666480-B2: Array substrate, method for manufacturing the same and method for measuring the same, display device patent, US-9680705-B2: Competency based device access patent, US-9696676-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-9699948-B1: Tipped metal implement patent, US-9701066-B2: Curing agent for three-dimensional shaped product, apparatus for manufacturing three-dimensional shaped product, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program for manufacturing three-dimensional shaped product patent, US-9705410-B2: Power conversion apparatus patent, US-9706329-B2: Multiuser, geofixed acoustic simulations patent, US-9711047-B1: Wireless transmission system to determine parking lot occupancy patent, US-9757352-B2: Parenteral dosage form of amiodarone patent, US-9767732-B2: Display device patent, US-9799172-B2: System and method of allowing a player to play gaming machines having dual symbol game functionality patent, US-9806740-B1: Device and method for data compression patent, US-9817895-B2: Associating video content with geographic maps patent, US-9854358-B2: System and method for mitigating audio feedback patent, US-9854953-B2: Surface cleaning apparatus with debris ejector patent, US-9860769-B2: Optimization of mobile traffic directed to private networks and operator configurability thereof patent, US-9869135-B1: Sucker rod apparatus and methods for manufacture and use patent, US-D271806-S: Fog light patent, US-D467377-S: Lighting unit patent, US-D524700-S: Portion of a motorcycle fork patent, US-D641768-S: Welder frame patent, US-D676406-S: Mobile communication terminal patent, US-D676826-S: Mobile terminal patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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